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1 day activity

10 - Eat at Fledermaus on Lake Vransko Jezero

You will come to see the owner of the Fledermaus for his table at Lake Vransko Jezero. We come for the good, the taste and the bio  !  Only farm products served simply on a wooden table in the middle of hens ! A real address in Pakostane as we like them and an unforgettable moment! .....

The Fledermaus boss and his family make their own bread, they can prepare a complete meal. Why not grilled pork or a peka (cooking under the bell in a wood fire to order the day before), grilled fish or meat etc ... Open all day until late at night. The owner has a lot of sens of humor and is an eco-savvy and convinced. He raises pigs, goats, chickens, donkeys etc ... He speaks english and german .

The originality of this address is that they have a wall where bats are housed: he calls this the hotel with bats! Ask to see it!

Not expensive !