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1 day activity

7 - Private excursion on boat with Zlatko

Departure from Pakostane, you and your family will be be with Zlatko for the whole day to take a swim and relax. The idea is to get away from the crowds, the noise of summer, and that children can jump and dive from the boat as many times as they want. During that time, Zlatko will prepare you grilled meats and fish with a salad on the boat.

Regardez la vidéo de ce bateau :

The excursion will be from 9 am to 17 pm.

Leaving Pakostane at 9 am, you will go first looking for dolphins. Then stop on the island of Vrgada to visit, walk, or swim. Departure for Murter where you will stop in a beautiful sandy cove to swim from the boat, meanwhile Zlatko will prepare the meal of grilled meats and salads for lunch. then departure at the end of the day to Pakostane with another stop near an island for swimming. Zlatko speaks English, it's very nice to talk to him about his life, his work in winter etc ... Zlatko has his usual way but if you want to go somewhere else, stay longer at a place, to go somewhere else just tell him.
Price : 120 euros + barbecue if  2-3 personnes - 

140 euros + bcq if  4 personnes 

160 euros + bcq if  5-6 personnes 

200 euros + bcq if  7-8 personnes

10 euros / person for the barbecue. 

Make reservation on the spot with me or by phone or by mail. Possible to have vegetarian lunch or other request.