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Medieval day VranaPakostane

3 days of entertainment at the foot of the old castle, sound and light, fighting ... Pakostane 

Days of knights Vrana.: Templars, hospital, Pasha Turkish papal messengers, priors ... These are just some of the characters in the story Pakoštane long and hectic. During the "days of knights VRANA," a pageant takes place in mid-August, there are reenactments of scenes from the past, reconstruction of a medieval camp, jousting, old crafts, theater, knights-riders from all over Croatia and abroad, falcon trainers, commoners, jugglers and picturesque costumes of poverty ..., uniforms, war devices and add it to a culinary based on medieval recipes.  

You will be right next to the caravensérail Jusufpaše Maškovića of the last Turkish fortress on the edge of Western civilization, a pageant will transport you to the era of the great battles. 


Thursday, August 18 Pakostane:8:00 p.m. battle in the port of Pakostane, knights with their galleon (by boat!)20:45: Procession of the Knights10:00 p.m. holidays

Friday, August 19 to Vrana:16:00: Opening of the camp activities and workshops begin Medieval17:00: Presentation of the Knights19:00: show dancers with horses "guardian of winx"19:45: Vrana battle: conquer the Turkish Vrana22:30: celebrating victory in oriental style

Saturday, August 20 at Vrana:11:00: Opening of the camp, activities and medieval workshops begin16:30: Knights show17:00: show "arrival of King Zvonimir"18:45: Tournament of archery19:15: fencing tournament: bohurt19:45: show dancers with horses "guardian of winx"20:15: Battle of Vrana: Christian army frees Vrana22:30: victory celebration, celebrations

Sunday, August 21:9:00: the public entrainne to tirc fencing and archery, in front of the church Pakostane9:45: Knights show Pakostane10:00 camp and workshops are open to Vrana2:00 p.m. end of programe - Vrana  

              Input 15 kuna / adult, children free.