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To see, to visit Region Dubrovnik

From Dubrovnik, you can visit the old town of Dubrovnik of course but also island of Mljet, Korcula, Kotor and the most of Mostar.

Dubrovnik : the old town

Quite south of Dalmatia, is Dubrovnik, known as "the pearl of the Adriatic".

It is small, Dubrovnik, just a little port on a rock, but it has become so popular! It will be especially marked by its magnificent walls that surround the city and plunge into the sea. It therefore will certainly not miss the ramparts walk, even if you will have to pay for the entrance. From the ramparts you can admire its orange tiled roofs. During the War of 1991, Dubrovnik was bombed horribly and many roofs were destroyed. Through Unesco and donors, Dubrovnik has been redone beautifully and note that the tiles come ...... .. Toulouse !! Sniff! From this promontory, we admire the view of the Elafit islands, the old port and the old city.


Arboretum of Trsteno

This is a place not to miss if you have a little time in Dubrovnik.

It is a garden of Eden which is a 15 minute drive from Dubrovnik, the seafront. It was first of all a nice residence apartment Family Ivan Marinov, built in 1494. The owners have extensive knowledge in the middle of the sailors, asked it to report their unknown and exotic species to fill their garden. Then the park is expanded and was the finest of the country, covering an area of ​​28 hectares.


Mljet island

it is the largest island of the Dubrovnik area. This island has retained a large area of ​​wilderness.

Forests cover almost 70% of the island. All west part of the island is the National Park Mljet. You will have access by boat on the island, the ideal is to drive to the Peljesac peninsula and take the ferry (2 hours crossing) to Trstenik. Or the ferry to Dubrovnik for Sobra.

Korcula island

Guests have access to the island by a ferry of 20 minutes, no more. Immediately you will see the foot of the beautiful medieval city of Korcula called "little Dubrovnik". 

Many painters near the sea will propose their paintings. Inside the city, the fortifications are very nice , St Mark's Cathedral, the cathedral treasury, the city museum and the house of Marco Polo.......

The bridge of Mostar

Located 3 hours drive from Dubrovnik, you can visit Mostar on your road Split - Dubrovnik.

A little change of landscape on the road to go, different of  the seafront and beaches, you will enter in history. History of the Serb-Croat conflict of 91-95. During the conflict, the bridge was connecting the Croatian part of Mostar and the part Bosnian-Muslim of the city and has been destroyed ....

Kotor and the village of Perast

An easy trip to do from Dubrovnik during the day. It is 2 hours away if not too many traffic jam at the border. The Bay of Kotor is an exceptional natural site, a huge very deep bay closed with 6 windows and 2 straits. 

It is reached by a winding road along the high mountains with the top of Mount Orjen which culminates at 1800 meters. For more hurry, you can take a boat that will prevent you from doing all round the bay to get to Kotor. But then you'll miss the village of Perast and its history: it would be a pity! .....


Les moules et huitres de Ston près de Dubrovnik

Ne manquez pas ce Reportage de TF1 : cliquez ici  En espérant qu'il reste assez longtemps sur facebook.

Lors de votre passage à Dubrovnik, vous pourrez manger les moules et huîtres dont la région de Ston est réputée.


L'ile de Lokrum

Expérience de la famille Bohic en vacances chez Druskovic en août 2019.

Nous avons pris un bateau (navette publique) au vieux port de Dubrovnik (départ toutes les demies heures en été, de 9h à 20h je crois) - voir leur site : Le coût est de 150 kn par personne et inclut la traversée d'environ 15 minutes + l'accès à la réserve naturelle de Lokrum. C'est assez facile d'accès et les tickets sont en vente sur le quai directement à côté du bateau (200 passagers environ par traversée).