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Bâle (près de Mulhouse)

Easyjet : Bâle - Zadar

Easyjet : Bâle - Split

Easyjet : Bâle - Pula

Easyjet : Bâle - Dubrovnik 

Easyjet : Bâle - Rijecka 

Ryanair : Bale - zagreb 


Croatia airline : Lille - Dubrovnik 

Air france : Lille - Zagreb 

Easyjet : Lille - Split 

Easyjet : Lille - Pula 


Eurowings : Strasbourg - Split 

Volotea : Strasbourg - Split 

de BADEN BADEN  en Allemagne : 

Eurowing : pour Dubrovnik - Zagreb - Split 

Luftanza : pour Zadar - Pula - Rijeka 

Genève :

Easyjet : Genève - Split

Easyjet : Genève - Dubrovnik


Ryanair : Bruxelles / Charleroi  - Pula

Ryanair : Bruxelles / Charleroi  - Rijeka

Ryanair : Bruxelles / Charleroi  - Zadar

Ryanair : Bruxelles / Charleroi  - Zagreb

Ryanair : Bruxelles / Charleroi  - Dubrovnik

Easyjet : Bruxelles - Dubrovnik 

Easyjet : Bruxelles - Split

Brussels Airline : Bruxelles - Dubrovnik ou : Pula - Rijeka - Split - Zadar - Zagreb 

Regardez aussi : Croatia airline - Lufthansa - Austrian airline - Klm.

Bordeaux :

Volotéa : Bordeaux-Dubrovnik  

Volotea : Bordeaux - Split 

Ryanair : Bordeaux - Zadar


Charter at € 75: Transavia dessert Split and Dubrovnik in 2012.

From I April to September 2012, subsidiary, Low-Cost Air France - KLM serve the cities of Dubrovnik and Split.

Transavia link Paris (Orly) to Dubrovnik with a weekly flight on Fridays. The way flight Paris Orly South / Dubrovnik is displayed from 75 euros.

The Paris Orly South / Split will be effected from the month of July, with a weekly flight on Fridays. The way flight Paris Orly South / Split is displayed from 75 euros.

So think fast to book your tickets before there was more space!

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Thumbnail motorway in Slovenia

To come to Croatia, you will surely pass through Slovenia, a tiny bit of Slovenia!
In fact, no more than 13km, and Slovenian had the good idea to pay a thumbnail for the 13 km (15 euros). !
Note that if you do controler, almond is 120 euros (here is réléchir).
One way would be not to take autoute, but a main road, this is a plan that can help you bypass autoute and enter Croatia! 

Good luck!


Very good bus company that makes CROATIA FRANCE-from all major cities of France! Very cheap.

For bretons!

Direct Nantes - Split 2 hour flight! every Saturday from April to mid - September. Very fast and very cheap!
Ditto for a flight Nantes - Dubrovnik Line (2:30 flight time) on Mondays and Saturdays.
Their website company: Mediterranean air
Launch of ticket sales to see. Price between 250 and 350 euros round trip.
Otherwise there with easyjet, flight nantes-Mulhouse Mulhouse and flight-split.

Flights from Paris to Split Saturday, Wednesday or Friday

or Lille to Dubrovnik


All boat companies on this site:


Paris or Geneva - Dubrovnik

Paris or Geneva - Split

Mulhouse - Split

or Paris or Geneva - Zagreb charter price: From € 68.98 A / R tax

3 flights per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday departing from Paris-Orly from July 12th and many other flights Genèves. click on "flight" and "time" to see the day of departure.

Croatia airlines 

Croatian airline. Direct flights are:Paris or Paris-Zagreb-Split

or Paris-Zadar (every Tuesday)

OU473 flight: departure from Paris at 11:35 Arrival in Zadar at 13:30Flight OU472: Depart Zadar at 15:15, arrives in Paris at 17:10

Croatia Airlines offers regular flights from Paris to other cities 4 Croatia (Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Zagreb), airfare to / being offered from € 129.

or Lyon - or split or zagreb dubrovnik

or Brussels - Split or Zadar and Pula or zagreb


a direct flight Marseille Zadar and a direct flight Paris (Beauvais) - Zadar: 2 flights per week are expected by April 2013. The unit responsible for serving observe the following schedule: Wednesday, taking off from Zadar at 6:15 and from 8:45 to Paris (arrived at 8:20 and 10:45 respectively) for the Sunday flight, departures will be advanced by 10 minutes.

from Belgium:

every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, live from Charleroi to Zadar

Parking à l'aéroport

Trouvez un parking grâce à ce site :

Pratique pour comparer les prix des différents parking proposés aux aéroports et choisir au meilleur prix. 

Vous recherchez un parking à l'aéroport de Charles de Gaulle  par exemple. Facile avec ce moteur de recherche , il vous donne tous les parking existants et vous n'avez plus qu'à choisir !