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Excursion from Pakostane - Croatia

Prepare your trip to Croatia, discover the Krka waterfalls, Kornati islands, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Split, sibenik, trogir, trogir, istria, zagreb, crikvenica

All visits you can do

First of all, welcome to Croatia, and in our pretty little village by the sea what Pakostane! We are located between Zadar (36 km) and Split (111 km), close to Biograd (8 km). From us, you are ideally situated for visiting the historic cities better known as: See more:

Plitvice Lakes

On 17 km, you will have a chain of 16 lakes with emerald waters . Waters plans are linked by 92 waterfalls ...! in a perfect natual area, there is a lot of pines trees, maples and spruces, they are part of the Unesco World Heritage : the Plitvice National Park. Feel free to visit their website: http: / / This park is at 1:30 of Pakostane.


Krka Waterfalls

Classified as Naturel parc preserve, at 45 minutes from Pakostane, this beautiful park has over 400 m : 8 spectacular waterfalls!

The waters flooded the woods where sediment has accumulated terraced limestone concretions. Ideal destination for a walk during 1/2 day you can finish with a picnic at the edge of the falls. This park is located near the town of Sibenik and 3/4 hour of Pakostane. Feel free to visit their website: and see more info .... For thousands of years Krka has obstinately hollowed out its path through rock and has created a remarkable canyon and waterfalls, over 8 waterfalls along the river.

The Kornati islands

Visiting islands by boat all day (with lunch on the boat). Departing daily from the port of Pakostane. The park includes 109 islands of which 72 are less than one hectare. These islands are filled with countless solitary coves, inviting swimming in crystal clear waters.   The boat will have 40 to 50 people which allows a very affordable price per person by all, reduction for children, including the meal.

Lake Vransko Jezero

This lake is a protected natural park and the largest lake in Croatia. It is 5 minutes from Pakostane, Biograd 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 30 minutes from Sibenik Zadar. It abounds in freshwater fish and it is a paradise for fishermen. It is also a bird sanctuary with rare types of marsh birds. Aboard this lake is a restaurant with a playground for children and access to baigner.Tout around the lake, bike paths have been built where you will have an exceptional view of the entire lake !!

Canoing on river

These excursions of canoeing or rafting, will make you discovering the rivers of Zrmanja and others with their canyons. You will be at the heart of nature, and the low level of water in the summer, will not make you run any risk. Booking on site with . Pakostane is 1 hour drive to get there. 
This is an opportunity to leave the seaside and the flow of tourists, to go into the hinterland of the Zadar region - Sibenik. Located behind Benkovac, and Obrovac, you will cross the arid landscape of scrub and forests. Not a lot of village and if you see some of them, they are like before, you will have the impression of being out of time and far from everything.


Sibenik was founded by Croatian princes between the ninth and tenth centuries. Venice takes hold in 1412. During the war against the Ottomans, the town resisted for two centuries, until 1683. It then passes under Austrian domination until 1918. The footprint remains pervasive in Venice médéviale portion of the city of Sibenik.


Zadar is located on a peninsula 4 km long and 500 m wide, on the Dalmatian coast. It currently counts 75 000 inhabitants. Zadar is quite active, especially since these last years (2010), she was able to demonstrate the strengths of his city and its region. I like first of all "the salutation to the sun", the Sea Organ, the famous sunset over the sea, the museum of sacred art, the church St. Donat, the holy cathedral Anastasia etc ... .and good restaurants ...


1 hour from Pakostane. You will visit Trogir and Split in general the same day. I take the coastal road to go (beautiful road with trees overlooking the islands) and the highway on your way back (it will go  faster : take Benovac output)! 
Trogir, resort and medieval town is a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The city, located on an half-island near Split, has his original charm. Like most Croatian towns, it was founded by the Greeks before undergoing the Roman dominions, Franks, Byzantium and Venice (1430). Trogir is a town of about 10,800 inhabitants, located in the heart of Dalmatia, 18 km west of the city of Split.


At 1:30 from Pakostane, you can not miss the city of Split. It is a must to do before leaving Croatia. Both modern (all the suburbs of Split is modern as all European cities) and full of history with this little square of history that is the Diocletian palace.

The founder of Split was the Roman Emperor Diocletian (245-313). Between 295 and 305, he built a huge palace to finish his life in the country of his birth. For three centuries the only occupants of the building were Roman monarchs. The entire old town is better to explore on foot, you go from palace to palace, walk on these slabs of white stone from the island of Brac, discover small restaurants .....


Panorama Vrana (Vrana Lake Jezero)

This panorama is at 30 minutes from Pakostane! Beautiful pictures of Isabelle J. Watch the virtual panoramic view here: Kamenjak.

Do not miss the panoramic view at the top of this hill called "Kamenjak", you will see a great view of the lake Vransko Jezero, and the islands of Vrgada, Pasman, Murter and many others to the islands of Kornati. Depending of the weather, the show is guaranteed ! At the top of the hill you will find Sveti- Sveti chapel. Located 30 minutes from Pakostane, take the road towards Benkovac (towards the highway)....

National Park Paklenica

Located 1 hour from Pakostane road, this park is interesting for its fauna and flora, hiking trails, and is a mecca for climbers and lovers varap. The park is located in the largest mountain range in Croatia, Velebit.

The highest peak is 1753 meters. In 1978, the massif has been classified Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO for its geological richness and preserved ecosystem. Karst landforms cover the park and beautiful forests. At the top you can admire the sea and the Adriatic islands. Many protected birds, hawks, bears, wolves, snakes, butterflies, etc ...

Medugorje (Bosnia)

I just made this trip and I find it great ! I therefore i give you some idea if you ever want to go to Dubrovnik starting from Pakostane, and you want to go through the land and make a stop spiritual ! Medugorje is the "Lourdes" CROATIAN. In 1981, the Virgin Mary appeared to six young children .....

Kornati with a private guide

To visit the Kornati islands, there are three solutions: You go with a group of 40 to 50 people from Pakostane, I recommend "Bosko", advantage: very cheap: 35 euros per person including lunch (discount for children) 
  • You rent a boat and go alone (so you ca see my page "boat rental" on my website) 
  •  You go with a skipper from the village, maximum 7 people on the boat.   Here is the description of this excursion in the park Kornati and Telastica with a private guide. ....
  •

    Peninsula of Pag

    Pag is part of the larger islands of Croatia and has become a popular destination, due to late night parties on the beaches of Novalja. It's a bit the Ibiza of Croatia. Not just a little in fact : because famous disk jockey (as David Guetta and Bob Sinclar) will come there each year on the beach Zrce for Spring beak, concert, festival.
    But you will also go on this island for something  else ......... I like to go for his so atypical landscape! Part of the island is completely bare, lunar due to the north wind (bura) blowing the salt on its hills. The other side of the island is protected from the winds so it is covered with green forests, vineyards.

    LUN : olive trees millennia on the peninsula of Pag

    After having crossed the lunar zones of Pag, then visited the saltworks and the cathedral of Pag, then mounted direction Novalja for a cheese tasting at Gligora (see my previous article on Pag), the bravest will go up at the end of the peninsula, as if you were going to the end of the world and there ....... you arrive in the village of Lun: s ituated near the small fishing port, it is the largest wild olive grove on a single piece of land on the edge of the Mediterranean. The oldest tree is estimated at 2000 years old. There are more than 100 millennia trees and what a beauty !! This site is classified Botanical Garden since 1963. Thanks to Françoise Vilmot for the photos!


    La riviere de Krka hors des sentiers battus

    Tout le monde va voir la cascade principale de Krka : "Skradin buk". Mais savez vous qu'il y a pleins d'autres choses à voir dans cette région ?

    J'y ai passé une journée en octobre 2019 avec les enfants et je vais vous expliquer pas à pas ce que vous allez pouvoir voir en une journée.


    La plage de Sakarun - Dugi otok

    Photos de mon dernier passage sur cette merveilleuse plage fin août 2020 : la plage de Sakarun sur l'ile de Dugi otok.

    Quelle chance d'avoir encore des endroits de paradis comme celui ci chez nous en Croatie. Ce qui rend cet endroit incroyable ce sont deux choses :

    - l'incroyable clarté de l'eau

    - aucune construction tout aux alentours de cette baie.

    C'est ça qui rend cette endroit magique. 


    Plage secrète

    Vous voulez découvrir les perles secrètes de la Croatie, des endroits sublimes mais méconnus des touristes ? 

    Nous rêvons tous d'arriver sur une plage loin de tout avec pas trop de monde (!) (on n'est jamais seul) , une eau transparente et un paysage qui nous fait rêver. Compter 1h30 de route pour y arriver à partir de Pakostane.

    J'ai trouvé ! et bien sur ne vous donne pas l'adresse sur cette page ! Sinon, c'est foutu ! Tout le monde va y aller. 

    Venez me voir et je vous montrerai où elle se trouve : réservé aux personnes qui ont réservé leur logement avec moi. 


    Cascades inconnues

    Vous voulez découvrir les perles secrètes de la Croatie, des endroits sublimes mais méconnus des touristes ? 

    J'ai découvert ces cascades en 2020 ! Après 25 ans de vie dans ce pays ! Donc c'est vous dire comme elles sont peu connues. J'ai aimé le côté sauvage et surtout de marcher, marcher et d'arriver comme ça, au bout d'un chemin avec ces cascades au fond d'un canyon. 

    J'y suis allé en hiver donc si vous allez en été il faudra quand même faire attention aux serpents.

    Mais une fois cela dit, la découverte vaut le détour. 


    Skywalk de Biokovo

    Excursion à faire sur la route en allant de Pakoštane vers Dubrovnik ou inversement car le Skywalk de Biokovo se trouve tout de même à 2 h de route de Pakostane. C'est aussi possible d'y aller si vous avez une location à Split ou Makarska.

    Ouvert en 2020, c'est très agréable de marcher sur ce pont suspendu, même (et surtout) si on a peur ! 

    La vue est magnifique sur la ville de Makarska.


    La ville de Nin et ses plages de sables

    A environ 15kms au nord de Zadar, la petite ville de Nin est très facilement accessible en voiture ou en bus (il y a également un circuit pour que les cyclistes atteignent la ville). 
    Ce centre historique d'à peine 1300 habitants est situé sur un îlot dont on fait vite le tour. Une demie-journée vous suffira pour visiter Nin ! Vous serez d'abord impressionnés par l'incroyable vue sur la montagne (parfois enneigée) du Velebit depuis la ville.